In Critical Swing States We Must


Deny the Deniers Fund

In Swing States, G.O.P. Election Deniers Could Oversee Voting

In four battleground states, the GOP has nominated outspoken 2020 election deniers to serve as their states’
Secretary of State. Allowing them to win would be a devastating blow to Democracy. Join us in denying these deniers the win they seek in November. Help us raise the $7.25M needed to make sure those elected to oversee elections believe in counting every vote.


The Deniers

Donald Trump's handpicked candidates to oversee elections


Kristina Karamo

Testified in front of the Michigan legislature with Rudy Guiliani in an effort to overturn the 2020 election; has stated repeatedly she believes Donald Trump won the 2020 election.


Jim Marchant

Expressed support for overturning the 2024 election via sending a slate of “alternate electors” if a Republican candidate does not win the election.


Mark Finchem

Helped organize the “Stop the Steal” movement and marched on the Capitol during the January 6th insurrection.


Kim Crockett

She is a right-wing extremist who is willing to peddle Donald Trump’s stolen election lies and conspiracies about voting machines. Crockett wants to restrict early and absentee voting, and same day registration – all of which would make it harder for Minnesotans to vote.

Deniers in the News


Capitol Rioter Who Compared “Cancel Culture” to the Holocaust One Step Closer to Running Arizona’s Elections

On Tuesday, Arizona Republicans voted to make one of the most dangerous election deniers in the country, Mark Finchem, the party’s nominee for secretary of state. Winning in the general election would put Finchem squarely in charge of voting in one of 2024’s most pivotal swing states. In other words, this guy would be in a prime position to try to throw Arizona to the next Republican candidate for president—or whoever he wants, really—vote count be damned.

New York Times

In 4 Swing States, G.O.P. Election Deniers Could Oversee Voting

With Tuesday’s primary victories in Arizona and Michigan added to those in Nevada and Pennsylvania, Republicans who have disputed the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election and who could affect the outcome of the next one are on a path toward winning decisive control over how elections are run in several battleground states.


Michigan GOP moves forward with 2020 election-denying secretary of state and AG

Michigan Republicans picked two candidates — both deny the 2020 election results and have been endorsed by former President Donald Trump — to serve as the state's next top elections officer and top law enforcement official.

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