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RELEASE: New Report Outlines Fight to Protect Black Voters’ Access to Ballot Box

Aug 06, 2020

Contact: David Beltran
[email protected]

DASS, CAP Action Fund Report Outlines Fight to Protect Black Voters’ Access to Ballot Box  

Secretaries of State Play a Crucial Role in Protecting African Americans’ Voting Rights, Says new report by CAP Action Fund and the Democratic Association of Secretaries of State

Today, on the 55th anniversary of the signing of the Voting Rights Act, a new report from the Center for American Progress Action Fund and the Democratic Association of Secretaries of State examines the important role secretaries of state play in ensuring voting rights for African Americans.

As the top election administrators in most states, this year, secretaries of state are facing unprecedented challenges due COVID-19 pandemic and  the refusal of congressional Republican leaders to fully fund state elections during the pandemic. As we’ve already witnessed, many secretaries of state have overseen chaotic primary elections that disenfranchised many voters, including disproportionate numbers of African Americans.

“Modern day voter suppression policies may no longer include poll taxes and literacy tests, but the disproportionate adverse impact of voter ID laws, purging of voter rolls, and felony disenfranchisement on communities of color is no coincidence,” said Democratic Association of Secretaries of State President and California Secretary of State Alex Padilla. “Secretaries of State have the power to fight voter suppression and the constitutional responsibility to make elections accessible and inclusive. This report shines a light on egregious voter suppression happening in our country, and the steps we have to take to protect our elections and access to the ballot box. I want to thank the CAP Action Fund for their partnership to ensure we protect every eligible voter’s right to vote.”

This new report delves into the election duties that secretaries of state manage and provides examples of secretaries of state that are taking steps toward safe, inclusive elections. This report also recommends steps that every state should be taking toward providing safe voting options for all its citizens, including vote-by-mail, in-person voting on Election Day, and early in-person voting.

“As guardians of democracy, secretaries of state should be moving heaven and earth to conduct elections where all citizens can participate equally,” said Michael Sozan, a CAP Action senior fellow and co-author of the report. “When African American voters disproportionately experience closed polling locations, long lines, or malfunctioning equipment, their voices are diminished – and our democracy suffers. Congress must immediately and fully fund state elections, especially at a time when African Americans are mobilizing to create a transformative new era of equal rights.”

For more information or to speak to an expert, contact Sam Hananel (CAP Action) at [email protected] or David Beltran (DASS) at [email protected].


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